• Tolliny Rankins

    Life Coach & Consultant

  • Tolliny is a certified Personal Enrichment Life Coach, Consultant & Instructor. With a strong background in direct sales & marketing, she has owned & partnered in several successful businesses. She is passionate about encouraging others towards their destiny, in doing so she provides a great mixture of practicality, wisdom & humor in her sessions. She values being able to teach, train & activate others as they navigate through life's challenging times.


    Tolliny has strong personal values in her Christian faith. In 2015 she received her Doctorate in Christian Theology. She specializes in assisting others with identity, purpose & authenticity.

    She is personally inspired in assisting others in the restoration of marriages & families.


    Although we live in a society where people strive to become anything, her mantra is " Don't forget to be yourself." Along with being a Life Coach, who loves teaching, she is an Adjunct Professor at Northwest Florida State College where she teaches her own original personal development courses. She is a passionate Cultural Diversity lecturer & workshop instructor. As part of a winning team, Tolliny proudly serves as life coach & consultant to Candy Publishing Company, home for first time authors. She has been an encouraging keynote speaker for a variety of events & organizations.


    Tolliny has a heart for empowering the youth in inner city areas & in juvenile detention centers where her Leadership & Entrepreneurial courses for youths have been taught & greatly received. Her courses have also been taught at the Florida Department of Corrections Re-Entry Department for incarcerated adult males. She is the founder of "Visits With Rodney" a nonprofit organization that strengthens & uplifts spouses & children who have incarcerated loved ones. She often reminds others the importance of being intentional & courageous which often times leads to personal success.


  • A few facts about Tolliny

    Chicago is her heart & hometown, filled with what she calls the best food ever. “Grandma" Odessa Johnson is her forever hero. She loves cruising, it's her treasured way of vacationing. Jesus Christ is her Lord.

    She adores the movie "It's A Wonderful Life."

    Sinbad is her favorite comedian.

    She's a big 70's soul music fan.

    She loves to laugh out loud as often as possible.

    She's the undisputed Queen of Roller coasters.